Six Amazing Benefits of Coconut Facial Oil

When it comes to facial oils, few can be given the same credits of excellence in skin care as that of coconut facial oil. Many natural beauty aficionados swear by the oil saying it works is more ways than one. Coconut oil is a common ingredient in many natural beauty products. It is found in hair care products because it has properties that penetrate hair to straighten and strengthen them while helping them grow. In skincare products, the oil is used because of its antifungal, antibacterial and excellent moisturizing properties.

If you are still wondering about using coconut oil for facial purposes, then the following benefits may convince you:

1.    Soothes Dry Skin

The face is exposed to the weather elements, and this causes all sort of breakouts in different people depending on their skin type. Dryness is one of the issues that many people battle with as they seek for ways of taking care of their face. Coconut oil is known to have a soothing effect on dry skins, especially when used in hair products to treat dandruff and flaking scalps. The same effect is evident in the use of extra virgin coconut facial oil. Apply the oil after washing the face can help to make its soft, smooth, and moist.

2.    It Is An Excellent Moisturizer

Are you looking for an effective moisturizer that will not work against your face? Then you should consider using extra virgin coconut oil. Apply is topically and you will soon start noticing the increased hydration and reduced loss of water, especially if you tend to have dry skin. You can add the oil to your face moisturizer lotion to enhance its effects.

3.    Can Work As A Cheekbone Highlighter

Applying a bit of highlighter can work wonders on a tired face, which is a secret that most women know and thus they make sure they have store-bought products that will help them perk up their pretty but tired faces. You can still manage to give your face that vibrancy using coconut oil. If you look at most makeup brands, you will discover that they include coconut oil as a based ingredient because it helps to make the skin glow. You can apply a bit of the oil on top of your makeup, and it will do its magic.

4.    Use It As A Cleanser

Coconut oil has excellent antifungal and antibacterial properties that make it suitable for cleansing the face. Add to that, the ability to moisturize the skin, and you have yourself a winner when it comes to a natural cleanser. You can use blend it with other carrier oils to whip up a unique product that suits your skin type. Just apply the oil topically, rubbing the oil on your face in a circular motion as you gently massage the skin. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before you wash it off with warm water.

5.    Works As A Luscious Scrub

Did you know that you can avoid spending hundreds of dollar on those store-bought body scrubs you often save for special occasions? Yes, why buy when you can make a potent body scrub at home. You have the ingredients you need in your kitchen.  You will need a bit of sea salt or brown sugar and some coconut oil. Heat the oil over low heat and then pour it into the cup of salt or brown sugar and stir thoroughly. You can also make a mild scrub using a few drops of coconut oil mixed with pure vanilla extracts that you can massage on your face. The scrub will help rid your skin of dead cells, germs, fungus, and bacteria while hydrating and moisturizing your face.

6.    To Remove Eye Makeup

A majority of the top-end quality mascaras out there are waterproof, and that quality is good because nobody wants to apply mascara that starts to run when the skin gets moist. However, the same quality presents a bit of a challenge when it comes to removing the mascara from the eyes. Well, you can use coconut oil for that, and it works with ease. Just use a ball of cotton dipped in the oil and gently wipe it over the eyes and it will break down the waxy, inky makeup while also hydrating those delicate areas of your eyes.

So, are you now convinced that there is more to the coconut oil you use in your kitchen than just for cooking? Starting applying the oil on your face today and discover how easy it can be to achieve a radiant, smooth, soft, and moist face.