Different Uses Of Coconut Oil Cosmetics

Coconut Oil Cosmetics

If you have not heard of the many benefits of coconut oil, then you should try looking them up. More people are realizing the many benefits of coconut oil for their health. This is the reason most cosmetics companies have started to include coconut oil in their products. It is healthy for the body unlike some of the harmful chemicals used in many of the original cosmetic products. Here are the different ways coconut oil is used in cosmetics.


Coconut Oil Lotion

This is probably the most common use for coconut oil in cosmetics. There are many brands that use coconut oil in lotions. Coconut oil contains many components that enrich the skin’s natural beauty. It moisturizes the skin and ensures that there is nourishment so that the pores are not blocked causing the skin to crack.

Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is fantastic when used as a make up remover and it is not harmful to the skin. Due to the moisturizing properties, it ensures that the skin remains healthy. Many people have started to opt for coconut oil as a makeup remover rather than wipes, which contain chemicals. All you need is cotton wool and the makeup will come off easily. There are coconut oil-based makeup removal wipes that a person can purchase.

Hair Conditioner

The hair often gets dry when washed. Coconut oil is added to many hair conditioners so that it can aid in the moisturizing of the hair. Most of the cosmetics companies add coconut oil because not only does it make the hair moisturized but it also promotes hair growth. There are plenty of leave-in conditioners whose main ingredient is coconut oil because it fuses with the hair follicles and makes growth faster.

Apart from that, coconut oil is used as an antibacterial component. That means that it is efficient in combating issues such as dandruff on the hair. This leads back to the moisturizing properties of coconut oil. When added to hair oil, it ensures that the scalp stays moisturized so that there is a low chance of dandruff growth.

In addition to that, it combats itching of the hair. There are times when the hair can become increasingly itchy especially after a hairdo. Coconut oil based hairspray is essential in ensuring this does not happen. One other use for the oil is that it can be used to remove lice. If you have lice then the best way to eradicate the lice is to apply any conditioner that has coconut oil then shampoo the hair afterward.

Removal Of Stretch Marks

This is an issue that most people deal with when they add or lose weight. It is also common among mothers after giving birth. Stretch marks on the body can make one feel uncomfortable and start to have low self-esteem. This problem can be handled by purchasing any coconut oil based creams for reducing stretch marks. Application over a period of time will give very good results.

Body Scrubs

The problem with body scrubs is the fact that they will leave the skin feeling dry once you have washed the scrub off. The body scrubs that have coconut oil in them, however, do not have this issue. The moisturizing component of coconut oil will allow your skin to remain moisturized after you have washed off the body scrub. This way the impurities will be removed from your body and you will still have healthy skin.

Massage Oil

One of the many uses of coconut oil cosmetics is that it is added to massage oil or it can be used as a massage oil on its own. It can be mixed with other oils such as jasmine to bring out a sweet aroma and massage the body so that the muscles are relaxed. The solution of massage oils opens up pores and allows the skin to breathe while still absorbing the nutrients in the massage oil.

Anti-Wrinkle Creams

Most of these creams have coconut oil added to them because coconut oil is good for the growth of new cells. This means that your skin will remain fresh, generate new skin cells, and there will be less risk of wrinkles on the body as well as the face.